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Who is your hero?

The Rules:
1. Write some facts on your blog on the hero of your choice.
2. Give one reason why you chose that paticular person.
3. Make up an award for your hero (Ex. Honoring George Washington for the courage he had and standing up for the land he belived in. Thank you.)
So this means that whoever I tags gets this? Please correct if I'm wrong:)
4. Tag 5 friends
5. Tell them they have to do it with the hero of their choice.
6. Have fun
Ok, My hero would probably have to be my sister. She is a great person in God and a great friend. I love her a lot and don't know what life would be like without her.
So, I guess I want to honor her for being as funny and just plain amazing as she is.
I don't think I can double tag, so here they are:
Piano Bookworm

Now, in addition to this, I would like whoever wants to comment on this and tell me what your hero is, you don't have to be awarded to do this.

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