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I got an Award!

I got a award! I also finally figured out how to give them, so there will be plenty coming from here!

I have to say 11 things about myself:

I live in a house, not a tent
I have three pets, two dogs and one cat (That was the picture)
I have two siblings in college
I like Aladdin, Prince of Egypt and Tangled soundtracks.
I love the movie Red tails
I love the book Shakespeare secret
I love God
I love School
I like swimming
I like cross country running
I like track!

I now want to award my people:
STorytellers~Rubberboot girl
Alexanders~Beautiful in God's eyes
Rosalyn's Blog
Piano's stories
Storyteller of Weston County
Forever BFF's
Jenny's blog


  1. Awarding me? You shouldn't have. LOL Is it okay if I don't do the things, though? 'Cause I still have to write other many awards these days!

  2. Thank you <3 Just a quick correction-- my name's Alexandra :-D Don't worry it happens all of the time. Unfortunately I don't currently re-post awards for various reasons. I do appreciate it though, thank you for posting me on your lovely blog!


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