Otter Days

Wisdom and Words

Let them speak...

How Pinteresting!

Walking through the snow.
I think I have the exact same pair of shoes. No joke.
Love the blossoms. <3
Jam, anyone?
Old letters to pull out of a hidden trunk and show your kids some day...
Running through a field of wheat.
The Unusuals... maybe.
I wish it was fall. Or summer. Or spring. Or I don't even know, sometimes.

Laughter--the Best Medicine!

bahahahaha =D
Oh yeah. Absolutely nothing. =D
Either that or "My name is Eowyn, daughter of Theodan" or "My name is Arawyn, daughter of Elrond"... =P
This dude... is creepy. =P
Wow......... I didn't see it. =P
So, so, so, so sad and true. =P