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Romney vs. Obama

Dear Readers,

Romney has accepted the GOP Presidential Candidate for president. I watched part of the republican national presidential convention, and my two favorite parts were when Clint Eastwood spoke, and when Mitt Romney said, "Mr. Chairman and delegates, I accept your nomination." Can't wait to see Obama and Mitt battle it out for the seat of the president of the USA.

Comment if you have something you want to add!

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Who is your hero?

The Rules:
1. Write some facts on your blog on the hero of your choice.
2. Give one reason why you chose that paticular person.
3. Make up an award for your hero (Ex. Honoring George Washington for the courage he had and standing up for the land he belived in. Thank you.)
So this means that whoever I tags gets this? Please correct if I'm wrong:)
4. Tag 5 friends
5. Tell them they have to do it with the hero of their choice.
6. Have fun
Ok, My hero would probably have to be my sister. She is a great person in God and a great friend. I love her a lot and don't know what life would be like without her.
So, I guess I want to honor her for being as funny and just plain amazing as she is.
I don't think I can double tag, so here they are:
Piano Bookworm

Now, in addition to this, I would like whoever wants to comment on this and tell me what your hero is, you don't have to be awarded to do this.

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Rainy days

What kind of rainy days do you have? Does it rain hard or just a drizzle? I can say without doubt that it rains hard here! Last night we had a thunderstorm while  I was pulling weeds. We were helping out a organization so I couldn't go inside. It felt amazing!

Comment if you love rain,

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Never drink and drive

Never drink and drive, the trees defend themselves very well!

`Otter Day :)

I got the Spunky Award!

Spunky. The Spunky Person is always out there, going out into new, unknown blogs, and leaving comments wherever they go. They are bold and courageous and love meeting new people.
Spunky person rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and leave links to all of their blogs.
2. What about yourself do you think is spunky?
3. What do you think of the person who gave you this award?
4. Nominate 1 person. Retag rules apply. (as this continues on, just copy and paste the rules from the Charming Person)
5. Make up five questions for the next person to answer.
My questions:
1) If you could have a super-hero ability, what would it be?
2) If you could go into a magical world, what world would you go into?
3) If you could do something great or live normally, what would you choose?
4) What is your favorite personality type?
5) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Here are the links for storyteller's blog, 
I like to talk!
They are one of my best friends
Piano Bookworm!
I am going to answer Storyteller questions, and then follow it with my questions.
I would love to be able to fly!
Something great!
My temper (But it isn't bad! So don't be scared of me!)
 Have you ever traveled out of the country? And if so, where?

Have you ever been horseback riding?

Have you ever taken a picture that look like you kissed a frog?

Have you ever dove off a cliff (Feet first!)?

Have you ever just stayed up late at night with your sibling, just talking about life?

This is my award post! Please enjoy!

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Book picture

I love this picture!

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Blog awards!

Here are my awards! I don't have any rules except no Tag-Backs and make sure to pass it on! Thanks for being apart of my blog! And you have to post it on your blog thanking whoever gave it to you. Thanks!

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New award fix up!

Alright everyone, I am really sorry, but I kind of messed up the award thing! So first of all I need to take off all of the storyteller blogs (sorry!) So, for the list I have Rosalyn's Blog, Piano bookworms, Forever BFF's and Alexander Marie-Beautiful in God's eyes. Sorry guys!

So the rules are:

Each of the people need to post 11 things about themselves, and 11 questions for their folowers, I only have four awards then, so:

What is your favorite animal?
What do you like to do in your free time?
What do you like to listen to?
What movies do you watch?
What  kind of animals do you have?
Do you like farms?
What kind of books do you read?
Do you like art?
Do you enjoy school?
Do you like going shopping?
Do you like football?

I got an Award!

I got a award! I also finally figured out how to give them, so there will be plenty coming from here!

I have to say 11 things about myself:

I live in a house, not a tent
I have three pets, two dogs and one cat (That was the picture)
I have two siblings in college
I like Aladdin, Prince of Egypt and Tangled soundtracks.
I love the movie Red tails
I love the book Shakespeare secret
I love God
I love School
I like swimming
I like cross country running
I like track!

I now want to award my people:
STorytellers~Rubberboot girl
Alexanders~Beautiful in God's eyes
Rosalyn's Blog
Piano's stories
Storyteller of Weston County
Forever BFF's
Jenny's blog


Hey, everyone, I might not be posting some stories, because my computer crashed and I lost all of my stories! I will try to write some more though!

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My Cat!

Here is my adorable kitty!

`Otter Days`

Proverbs 2:2

"Listen carefully to wisdom, set your mind on understanding."
what does this verse mean to you? To me it is saying that we need to listen to other's teachings and try to learn from what they tell you!

Something to think about,

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Busy summer!

Hey everybody! I am sorry I haven't updateed in a while but I have been having one of the best summers ever! How about you? How has your summer been going?  Please comment and let me know!

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cute puppies!

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I love this!

~Otter Days
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