Otter Days

Redneck roadkill

So there were three rednecks walking down a country road. They find a dead opossum that was ran over.

The 1st redneck says, "that there looks tasty"!

The 2nd redneck says, "I don't much like opossum."

The 3rd redneck says, "I'm a waitin for something better.

So... the 1st redneck eats the opossum.

Then, down the road they find a dead rabbit.

The 1st redneck says he's full. The 2nd redneck says he likes rabbit and the 3rd redneck says he's still waitin for something better.

So... the 2nd redneck eats the rabbit.

Further down the road the first two rednecks who ate the opossum and the rabbit start barfing like crazy.

The 3rd redneck says, "Finally, a nice warm meal!"


`Otter Days


  1. That's disgusting. :P

    So how do you like your new blog design??

  2. Ew! :O :) How are you? I like your new design! :)

  3. ewwww!
    this new blog design is AWESOME!

  4. You have a cool blog! :)



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