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Going into detail on politics

For you who haven't been keeping up on the conventions and politics in general, on Tuesday night Michelle Obama was the keynote speaker at the Democrat National Convention, and Last night Bill Clinton spoke. There was one part when I realized how far gone our country was, it was when they held a vote, deciding whether or not they should keep God in their platform (Or What they stand for, kind of like their statement). They got their way, and God was removed from their statement. Clinton's speech went on for 50 minutes, and I think that more that one person was glad that it was over. Obama came out and they hugged and exchanged a few words, then it was over. Tonight Joe Biden will be speaking, he will introduce Obama.

Then there was the Republican convention, which was very recently. My favorite part was definitely when CLint Eastwood did his questioning of Obama, of course, Obama woudn't have been caught dead there, but Clint had a chair which he pretended Obama was sitting in and pretended to talk to him. Then he would create a answer. He had the audience rolling in laughter.

The Democrats believe they won the election last night, even as the debt toll went above 16 trillion. Do you think they won? Can we afford four more?

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  1. I think that now that they've put God back in their platform again. But the idea that they would take Him OUT.......


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