Otter Days
More about me, I love horses and have always wanted to train them. My dream is to be a missionary in Venezuala. Comment for questions....


  1. Hi, my name is Storyteller. I believe we know each other. =^) Is that really true? It sounds like you have a lot planned for your life. So why did you pick Venezuala?

    1. Yes, I feel God is calling me to that area, thanks for commenting!!

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  3. Yeah, no problem. Have you looked up much about the country?

  4. No, not really, I just feel like I belong there. I have gone on a few mission trips in the country, like SD, and I am going to inner city Denver this summer.

  5. That's really cool, Otter Days. So, what part of the country would you want to be located at?

  6. Cool! Is there any part of the country that you'd in particular like to go to?


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